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What is Pocket Arena (POC) ?

Pocket Arena (POC) is Casual eSports Network that gives real rewards to players.

It is a virtual in-game item exchanges network, primarily for HTML5 games.

Pocket Arena's Vision

is to create Casual eSports Network for everyone.

Casual eSports for everyone

Casual eSports is open to everyone. Our goal is to provide easy, amateur eSports service for those who are young and old. You do not need to install games for eSports. Just run it right from your browser or mobile messenger.

POC, crypto game token

At the end of every eSports event, the users are rewarded with POCs, a Crypto Token. The game itself is similar to mining. HTML5 game developers in Pocket Arena are also rewarded for certain activities of the user.

Virtual in-game item exchanges

You are the owner of game items that you have spent a lot of time earning. Therefore, it can be sold to other users. All information about the game item is recorded securely in the blockchain and there is no fear or theft.

Swiss POC

Emoji Games GmbH, creator of POC, is a Swiss incorporated company. It started in 2005 as M-BIZ Global Company Limited in the UK and is part of M-BIZ Global AG as a holding. In 2012, Emoji Games moved its headquarters to Switzerland. Therefore, regulations required by the Swiss goverment is strictly followed.
Branded Mini-Games and Pocket Area has spent 8mil USD over the last 8 years to create this game platform, made in Switzerland with Swiss quality. Emoji Games has been selected by many international brands such as Samsung Mobile, Shilla duty free app, Basler insurance, BMW, Hyundai Department Store, KFC and many more.

Frequently Asked Question

Players shall be rewarded with POC for playing PA Games.

To get POC rewards after playing PA Games, users must first sign up for an account or login to an existing account. PA games can be played without an account, but no POC rewards will be given. In addition, game statuses will not be saved if a user is not logged in.

You can become a PA dApp partner in order to integrate our PA SDK into your HTML5 games, following our guideline. PA SDK for partners is still under development and will be ready very soon. For more information, please contact us at service@pocketarena.com

The software development kit, source code, javascript API, guideline documents, any other intellectual property rights created by and for Emoji Games, to be distributed and integrated for approved PA dApp Partner.