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1 Billion

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What is Pocket Arena?

Pocket Arena is a blockchain-powered casual eSports platform that gives real rewards to players. It is a virtual in-game item exchange platform, primarily for HTML5 mobile games.

Pocket Arena’s mission is to create a decentralised micro eSports platform for everyone to enjoy and allow safe in-game item trading through blockchain technology.

Pocket Arena’s Vision

is to create a thriving decentralised ecosystem for non-app-store games that live on the blockchain, declaring freedom from the duopoly Google Play and Apple app stores.

Casual eSports for everyone

PA eSports Engine enables both casual leagues and micro one-on-one challenges for every end-user to have fun anywhere mobile. To increase the longevity of the games, players shall be rewarded with POC for playing the games.

Decentralised Community Booster

PA helps to boost your game community. The more traffic triggered by PA features, the more popular your game community shall be. Your game shall thrive in this ecosystem!.

Safe & Reliable In-Game Item Trading

PA Wallet and POC’s strong non-fungible token features allow you to own your virtual assets and trade safely with small fee (much smaller than ERC20!)

What is POC?

POC (Pocket Arena token) is the Swiss-regulated blockchain utility token built on the Stellar network.
POC is a decentralised gaming token that gives control back to the players by allowing them to own and trade their in game items safely. POC can also be used with a variety of dApps within the Pocket Arena ecosystem, as a casual eSport reward, brand-user interaction incentives and as a token of exchange.


Only 1 billion POC shall be created

Sale prohibited countryUS
POC Sales hard cap8.8 million USD for private and crowdsales. 20% of total minted POC
AMLNot applicable * Please see the FAQ section why.
POC minimum purchase unit for private sale purchaser (10-20% discounts)500,000 POC
Accepted payment currencyBTC/ETH/Credit Card/Bank Transfer


  • Issues currently facing the mobile gaming world: duopoly of app games

    App stores have long been dominating the mobile game industry, creating an ecosystem in which only a handful of top ranking developers, often with large marketing budgets, can survive, stifling many smaller developers out of the market with the large fees incurred from each sale of their game to the app store, making their future survival unsustainable.

    The two biggest winners in all of this is of course the Apple app store and the Google Play store themselves. Refusing to allow the introduction of any new tech formats for payments systems as their current duopoly model is geared to serve them best. And it does.

    Is it possible to cut out the middlemen, and create a gaming ecosystem not solely based on app stores?


    That is the vision of Pocket Arena. We are building a decentralised ecosystem with a sustainable business model, bridging the gap between game developers (specifically HTML5 games) and end-users.


  • Is it possible to create a scalable and easy accessible blockchain for gaming?

    Blockchain games can benefit end-users with real-item ownership, however the fee for the game item exchange can be very expensive with ERC 20.  Considering the fact that usually any virtual game item is priced at 5 USD to 10 USD, paying a gas fee per transaction of about 3 USD – 5 USD is insane! Almost 50% of the virtual item price is charged for the gas fee in ETH.

    Majority of the blockchain games on ERC20 require the user to install Metamask, a plugin which not a lot of people are too familiar with, causing many potential users to easily give up trying to use the application. The most successful blockchain game CryptoKitties, which uses the Ethereum network, has a DAU amount of below 400 according to recent reports.


  • Is there a blockchain game, easily accessible to anyone even on just a mobile device, that does not charge its end-users with countless fees?

    YES. Thanks to POC being built on the Stellar Network, end-users pay a fraction of the cost in fees comparatively, while POC is still able to provide a secure and non-fungible item ownership to the end-user. What’s more is end-users can also play Pocket Arena games via PC or while on the go with just a mobile, without the need for any downloads or installation, seamlessly with a simple login.

  • But isn’t eSports just for nerds?

    Traditionally, when it comes to eSports, people expect different national teams of players in a big stadium and an applauding audience. However, in a decentralised eSports setting, the scene would be quite different as every championship will take place online. We pursue the idea that casual eSports games are for everyone to have fun with and to create real value through this blockchain gaming platform.  

    Our Pocket Arena is a decentralised platform created especially to play one-on-one matches and to gain rewards. We have developed a variety of high quality casual games to run on Pocket Arena along with the formation of some great partnerships with leading casual game developers. Our mission: let everyone enjoy casual eSports gaming, wherever they go.

  • Which PA games will be launched in next 6 months?

    Please see our game catalogue : http://bit.ly/2AJqi58

  • What are the benefits of using Pocket Arena for the end-user?

    Easily accessible and fun to play : End-users can easily create a PA Wallet by simply providing an email and password through their web browser. No download and no installation is required. PA games simply play through any browser, on mobile or on PC.

    Multiplayer mode with eSports : There are a variety of high quality games ranging across many different genres which have both single and multiplayer modes. If players are looking for a real challenge to test their skills, then they may enter the PA championships, with big prizes to be won for the contestants.

    Real world rewards and secure game item exchange : The more users play, the more POC they shall earn. They can spend their POC on purchasing virtual game items or participating in PA special events, such as the PA championships.

    POC owners shall also be able to exchange their POC into other cryptocurrencies at a later date, once POC gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. When this happens, POC will have real world value to the end-users.

  • Does Pocket Arena add value for digital marketers?

    YES.  We are already the leading provider of playable ads & branded games for marketers with www.brandedminigames.com.

    Facebook is currently adopting a playable ad format as it is proven that playables are 4X more effective than compared to other ad formats and it is also the most preferred format by marketers.

    Based on the credibility and expertise already built-up with international brands, we can add PA features on top of playables for brands. We call this the Crypto Playable. This blockchain based playable will be able to attract many more organic end-users while reducing the cost for marketers.

  • Is the Pocket Arena team able to make this happen?

    Since 2013, the PA teams have been developing the basis of Pocket Arena eSports AI and providing branded games for many different international brands through our product www.brandedminigames.com. With a solid technical background in HTML5 gaming along with blockchain technology, we have been building the foundations for Pocket Arena for over 5 years.

    With the recent launch of the advanced HTML5 games on Facebook Instant Games and KakaoTalk, our games are boasting a DAU of over 600,000. With a solid partnership with Mobirix (mobile) and FHL games (PC) for development of our PA games, our blockchain game platform is in a unique position, and has been already approved by the Swiss finance regulatory body. Our utility token, working platform and dapps which build up part of the PA ecosystem have all also been reviewed by this body.

    A Pocket Arena SDK will be offered to third party game developers for free by Q3 2018 and we shall continue to make new partnerships with a variety of worldwide game developers, major messenger apps (Facebook, Kakao Talk, WeChat), esports organisers and international brands.

    A brief intro about the company

    Website: https://emojigames.io/company

  • How will POC be allocated?

    Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000 POC – no new POC will be ever created.

    For general sale: 200,000,000 POC (hard cap: USD 8.8 Million)
    Price of POC: 1 POC = $0.05 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC/ETH/USD
    20% ( 200,000,000 POC) will be offered for general sales (private / crowdsale)
    10% ( 100,000,000 POC) will be offered for advertiser private sale.
    40% (400,000,000 POC) will be allocated for PA operations.
    10% (100,000,000 POC) will be allocated for compensating supporters, advisors, PA team.
    20% (200,000,000 POC) will be reserved by the company for contingency.


  • How to buy POC token?

    For private sales (min. 500,000 POC purchase), please send email to contact@pocketarena.com for detailed information.

Core Team

The Pocket Arena project was initiated in 2012 and have been developed by all(most) the employees of Emoji Games GmbH and the employees of its affiliates and its contractors for last 5 years since 2012 who are over 50 people in different locations worldwide.

Hyong S. Kim
Founder and CEO of Emoji Games GmbH


Crypto enthusiast and visionary with deep understanding of blockchain technology. He was gaming solution architect for 15 years on mobile gaming engineering and business development with Samsung Mobile before founding the Company. He also has experience in the mobile VAS service engineering while attached to SK Telecom. Hyong was involved in various eSports events including the WCG in Germany as a technical architect.

Our Advisors

Ronnie Preiskel


Ronnie is a co-founder of the law firm Preiskel & Co and has over 20 years’ experience working in the telecoms, internet and technology sectors in a wide variety of roles. He has extensive experience of advising clients on corporate, commercial and regulatory matters. Recent experience includes advising a number of clients in relation to ICOs and other fundraising strategies.

Paul Yoo

Paul is currently a CEO of Digital Melon Korea and served as a CEO and co-founder of Omnitel Inc. which is a major shareholder of Bitthumb.com: the 5th largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world.. Prior to the Omnitel CEO, he was working for LG U+ as a chief content planner and has vast experience in mobile gaming & content industry over 20 years. Holds B.A. from Seoul National University.

Sahaj Kothari


Sahaj Kothari is an award winning author, speaker and founder of Ensere, EU’s first E-commerce partnering model, helping brands MARKET – SELL – DISTRIBUTE their products across 26 markets in Europe. Sahaj was recently recognised as UK National Top 10 Entrepreneur and Innovator for some of the disruptive solutions within both E-commerce and 3D Printing space. Sahaj was also recognised as UK’s under 35 Top New Talent (TNT) by industry’s leading publication and recently been part of the House of Commons’ policy discussion on the impact of AI on society.

Sang Young Park

SangYoung is the founder of DAYLI Financial Group, Korea’s largest fintech specialising in blockchain, AI and Quarterback. The DAYLI Financial Group owns “theloop”, a subsidiary that created ICON coin (ICX) with ICON foundation in Switzerland. This group also owns the CoinOne, one of the major cryptocurrency exchange in Korea.

Jack Ha


Serving as a director of Nexon China for over nine years since the year 2008, Jack Ha has been involved in various online gaming development and publishing projects such as Mayple Story for Nexon online games. Now he is the CRO of Crypto Company LTD that launched “Coin Marble”, a new cryptocurrency exchange platform in Korea.

Ha, Young Seop

Mr. Ha has extensive expertises in virtual game item trading for online games by serving for itemmania.com (no. 1 online game item trading company in Korea) over 15 years as a director level. Currently he is the CEO and co-founder of Banco, one of the market leaders in blockchain and fintech industry in Korea.

Wontae Chang


WonTae is the CEO of B-SEED Partners and serves as a director of DAYLI Financial Group Inc. In the past, he led Coupang’s Forward Ventures which is the biggest internet service company in Korea and worked as a consultant at A.T. Kearney. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech. University.

We are in the process of selecting more of our Pocket Arena advisors who are the strong market influencers in blockchain, gaming and digital advertising industries.

PA Roadmap

Development and Operation