eSports blockchain platform

a decentralised eSports and virtual in-game item exchange for non-app-store games

Pocket Arena will be officially launched in May 2018 with high quality eSports games in HTML5.

Pocket Arena
Token (POC)

USD Price:

Total Minted POC:
1 Billion

Pocket Arena’s Vision

is to create a thriving decentralised ecosystem for non-app-store games that live on the blockchain, declaring freedom from the duopoly Google Play and Apple app stores.

eSports for everyone
PA eSports Engine enables casual leagues and micro one-on-one challenges for every end-user to have fun anywhere on both PC and mobile. To make it more entertaining, players shall be rewarded for playing games!

Decentralised Community Booster
PA helps to boost your game community. The more traffic triggered by PA features, the more popular your game community shall be. Your game shall thrive in this ecosystem!

Safe and Reliable In-Game Item Trading
PA Wallet and POC’s strong non-fungible token features allow you to own your virtual assets and Trade safely with small fee (much smaller than ERC20!)

What is POC?

POC is an acronym of crypto Pocket Arena token made and circulated for the use of Pocket Arena platform and Pocket Arena dApps, an utility token running on Stellar Network. Only 1 Billion POC will be ever created. The 20% of total will be offered for general sales and the 10% of total will be offered for exclusive sales to Crypto Playable advertisers.

Core Team

The Pocket Arena project was initiated in 2012 and have been developed by all(most) the employees of Emoji Games GmbH and the employees of its affiliates and its contractors for last 5 years since 2012 who are over 50 people in different locations worldwide.

Hyong S. Kim
Founder and CEO of Emoji Games GmbH

Crypto enthusiast and visionary with deep understanding of blockchain technology. He was gaming solution architect for 15 years on mobile gaming engineering and business development with Samsung Mobile before founding the Company. He also has experience in the mobile VAS service engineering while attached to SK Telecom. Hyong was involved in various eSports events including the WCG in Germany as a technical architect.

Juhee Lee
Co-founder and VP Business Operation of Emoji Games GmbH

With over fifteen years of game industry experience in game design, publishing partnership with major game developers such as EA, Namco, Sega etc. for various Samsung projects, Juhee’s skill set spans across game review, publishing, legal compliance and operations in terms of projects with gaming partners.

Steven Jeong
Head of Software Development of Emoji Games

Steven possesses in-depth blockchain engineering knowledge with various mobile gaming and platform development. He has worked in the area of software engineering since 2002, bringing along a rich and deep experience. Steven also worked as principal engineer for Samsung Electronics.

Kajin Teoh
Head of Business Development of Emoji Games

Kajin is a technology enthusiast. His strength lies in bridging gaps between business and engineering. Apart from being an engineer, he has more than five years of international business development experience in the continent of Asia, America and Europe. Being a PA evangelist, he connects the dots for many between blockchain, gaming and advertising.


We are currently finalising PA advisors. If you wish to be an advisor or partner with us for this PA project, please contact us at

Emoji Games GmbH,
Hirschengraben 31,
6003 Luzern,

PA Roadmap – Development and Operation